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Feelgood Health – Triple Complex NicoTonic

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Triple Complex NicoTonic by Feelgood Health is ideal for people who are trying to give up smoking. With ingredients chosen to support the health and functioning of the nervous system, this tonic helps to soothe the nerves and reduce the restlessness and irritability associated with nicotine withdrawal. Product Features: 180 tablets Helps you stop smoking Treatment for the 'short-fuse' syndrome Helps to prevent headaches, irritability, temper outbursts and restlessness Ensures a calmer and more successful path to a cigarette-free life Helps the body to retain balance after the stress of nicotine and drug withdrawal Safe for use by all ages, including during pregnancy Formulated by a Clinical Psychologist Locally manufactured

Feelgood Health – Du Du Drops & OralSoothe Combo

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This Du Du Drops & OralSoothe Combo are a top-selling safe, natural sleep and teething remedies for babies and children. Happily used for many years, these remedies help teething babies, toddlers and young children who can't sleep. It provides natural, safe and effective support. Product Features: 100% natural remedies Du Du Drops helps to relax babies, toddlers and children and helps induce drowsiness safely and naturally OralSoothe naturally soothes fretful and teething babies and toddlers Safe and effective Formulated by a Clinical Psychologist Safe for all ages

Mosquito Bands for Kids

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Bugstop Mosquito Bands are easy to wear for the whole family as well as ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Free of DEET and non-toxic, these bands contain citronella essential oils and are made from ultra microfibre textile, making it extremely safe as well as an effective natural insect repellent. Each band sold individually in an airtight foil wrap in order to stay functional and protects for more than 240 hours. Product Features: All-natural substances Made of super-soft microfiber Effective for approx. 240 hours Includes adjustment holes for a comfortable fit Safe for babies, pregnant women, adults and sensitive people Ideal for travel and all outdoor activities