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Crown Baby Chair

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Meals represent valuable family time, and toddler talk is no exception. Give your little one an imperial seat with the Crown Baby Chair, adding even more laughter and conversation at the dining table. This supreme chair has a removable tray making it the perfect for playtime too! Product Features: Removable feeding tray Ideal for meals, snacks and playtime Made from non-toxic, eco-friendly materials Material: Plastic Age 6 months+

Froggie Potty Training Toilet Stairs

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We all know how frustrating potty training can get. However, the Froggie Potty-Training Toilet Stairs will make it so much easier! Encourage your toddler to take the necessary steps and leap to the top of these stairs to begin potty training. Lightweight yet strong, these stairs will give your child the independence to do their thing in comfort and with confidence. Product Features: Includes cushion, handrails, pad feet, non-slip pedal, backstop and a fixed key Comfortable seat and handles Non-slip adjustable step to different heights Non-slip pads on seat and feet Easy to set up, fold and store Easy to clean Durable function Fits standard oval toilet seats Made with non-toxic, safe materials Suitable for children 12 months+ up to 30kg

Foam Door Stopper

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This animal theme Foam Door Stopper is a cute and fun door stopper that is a definite safety feature for your home. This door stopper is a soft, flexible foam that forms a cushion around the door. It will not only protect your little ones' precious fingers from closing doors but helps prevent children from accidentally locking themselves into a room too. Product Details: Easy to attach Requires no drilling Made of a soft flexible material Easily attaches to most doors Compact design makes it ideal for travel Approx. product dimensions: 10 x 10 x 2 cm

SoPure™ Vanilla Essence Mosquito Mist – 250ml

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Enjoy sweet dreams with no interruptions with SoPure Vanilla Essence Mosquito Mist 250ml. A natural, non-toxic, pesticide-free as well as citronella-free aromatherapy oil-free mosquito repellent. It smells like vanilla and is so safe, you could drink it. Safe to use from new-born age. Product Benefits: 250ml 100% natural Chlorine as well as chemical-free Non-toxic Environmentally friendly Non-staining Non-irritant Residue-free Sterile Pyrogen-free Biofilm buster No hazardous waste/effluent Non-flammable Organic

Baby Knee Pads

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These Baby Knee Pads are there to protect our kids from the time they start to crawl, walk and run. This new-founded independence will develop an adventurous side and we need to protect their little knee's. So soft and flexible, these must-have knee pads bend and stretch to shape their delicate knee's for a comfy fit. Product Features: Ideal for indoors and outdoors adventures Material: Cotton Free size Age 6-18 months

Kiddies Adjustable Shampoo Cap

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Kids dislike it when water runs down their gorgeous face, making bathtime a trying experience for both toddler and mom. Using the Yellow Kiddies Adjustable Shampoo Cap will get little ones in the bath and eager to wash their hair without delay or fuss. It has a durable and sturdy design that is sure to keep shampoo and water out of your toddler's delicate eyes and ears. Product Features: Flexible design with 4 adjustable fasteners Fits head circumference: 34-54cm Protects eyes from shampoo and water Make bathtime more fun Easy, comfortable and flexible to use Made of soft EVA foam Ideal for kids and adults

Easy Sleeper

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Whichever mode of transport you decide to travel with, an uncomfortable sleep can result in grumpy and exhausted well as parents. A safe and snug pillow to support your toddlers head while they sleep can help them feel more restful and therefore happier. Endorsed by the Chiropractic Association of SA and approved by the World Federation of Chiropractic makes this Easy Sleeper a great travel companion. Product Features: Supports the head in a healthy upright position Suitable from birth up to booster seat Fits most travel systems Made with easy-care towelling with hypo-allergenic filling High quality Machine washable and can be tumble dried (in laundry bag) SABS Design Excellence Award Winner 2008 Age 0-6 years

Play ‘n Snack Travel Tray

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The Play 'n Snack Travel Tray is perfect for drinks and snacks, plus it provides a  sturdy surface for travel treats and toys too. Although made from soft, durable, 100% Nylon, this tray is firm enough to eat, play and read on etc. Buckle-in to use in the car, an aeroplane or train. Product Feature: Adjustable back strap to keep the tray secure Mesh side pockets to hold crayons, toys, sippy cup and so much more Attaches easily to the car seats, booster seats and strollers Use in car, plane or train Folds up for storage or travel Made of nylon, foam and polyester Easy to clean

4aKid Car Strap Clip

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Does your child love to escape from their baby car seat? Finally, a solution is at hand. 4aKid Black Car Strap Clip is a car-seat clip that will keep your toddler sitting in the car seat safely! Also, use with: Baby car seats Strollers and prams Feeding high chairs **Please note that the 4aKid® Car-Seat Strap Clip is not a life-saving device. Its purpose is to prevent your child from taking his/her arms out of his car seat straps.

Seatbelt Pillow

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This Seatbelt Pillow provides cushioning and support for sleepy children in the back of a vehicle. Suitable for all types of safety belts, this pillow will make long journeys for both you and the children more comfortable. Let them drift off to dreamland with this super soft micro-fleece pillow that attaches easily and securely to the safety belt. Product Features: Supports head, neck and shoulders Removable and washable Made from soft velvet material for extra comfort Extra-long Velcro strip for easy and secure attachment Approx. product dimension: 30(H) x 5(W) x 12(L) cm

Feelgood Health – Triple Complex NicoTonic

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Triple Complex NicoTonic by Feelgood Health is ideal for people who are trying to give up smoking. With ingredients chosen to support the health and functioning of the nervous system, this tonic helps to soothe the nerves and reduce the restlessness and irritability associated with nicotine withdrawal. Product Features: 180 tablets Helps you stop smoking Treatment for the 'short-fuse' syndrome Helps to prevent headaches, irritability, temper outbursts and restlessness Ensures a calmer and more successful path to a cigarette-free life Helps the body to retain balance after the stress of nicotine and drug withdrawal Safe for use by all ages, including during pregnancy Formulated by a Clinical Psychologist Locally manufactured

Feelgood Health – Du Du Drops & OralSoothe Combo

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This Du Du Drops & OralSoothe Combo are a top-selling safe, natural sleep and teething remedies for babies and children. Happily used for many years, these remedies help teething babies, toddlers and young children who can't sleep. It provides natural, safe and effective support. Product Features: 100% natural remedies Du Du Drops helps to relax babies, toddlers and children and helps induce drowsiness safely and naturally OralSoothe naturally soothes fretful and teething babies and toddlers Safe and effective Formulated by a Clinical Psychologist Safe for all ages

Mosquito Bands for Kids

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Bugstop Mosquito Bands are easy to wear for the whole family as well as ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Free of DEET and non-toxic, these bands contain citronella essential oils and are made from ultra microfibre textile, making it extremely safe as well as an effective natural insect repellent. Each band sold individually in an airtight foil wrap in order to stay functional and protects for more than 240 hours. Product Features: All-natural substances Made of super-soft microfiber Effective for approx. 240 hours Includes adjustment holes for a comfortable fit Safe for babies, pregnant women, adults and sensitive people Ideal for travel and all outdoor activities

Teething Mitten – Assorted Colours

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With a soft and flexible with a textured silicone surface, this 4aKid Teething Mitten will provide relief as well as soothe your teething baby! It also prevents your baby from scratching, the constant dropping of teething toys as well as excess saliva and chewing. This mitten can be worn on either hand and is a perfect solution for babies who cannot keep hold of their teethers. In addition, this mitten is an ideal sensory toy. Let your baby learn by stimulating their eyes, ears and gums. It assists in motor skills with hand to mouth co-ordination as well as item manipulation. Product Features: Soft silicone helps relieve sore gums and protects the baby from scratching BPA and Phthalate free food grade silicone Non-toxic and no chemicals Approved by FDA, EN71 and CE Hands -free for parents and great for travel in the stroller or car seat Machine washable and dryer friendly Interchangeable between hands Bright colours, textures and crinkle sound will stimulate senses Age 3 months+