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Play ‘n Snack Travel Tray – Pink

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The perfect travel accessory for little tots! 

The Pink Play 'n Snack Travel Tray is not only perfect for drinks and snacks but provides a sturdy surface for travel treats and toys too. Although made from soft, durable, 100% Nylon, this tray is firm enough to eat, play and read on etc. Buckle-in to use in the car, an aeroplane or train.

Product Feature:

  • Adjustable back strap to keep the tray secure
  • Mesh side pockets to hold crayons, toys, a sippy cup and more
  • Attaches easily to booster seats and strollers 
  • Use in car, plane or train
  • Folds up for storage or travel
  • Made of nylon, foam and polyester
  • Easy to clean

Zonic Baby Feeding Booster Seat + Free Baby Silicone Feeding Set

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This Zonic Baby Feeding Booster Seat + Free Baby Silicone Feeding Set is the perfect travel pair. Both these items give your little one the independence to sit and eat like grown-ups. The booster seat is compact, lightweight and portable, making it the perfect feeding accessory when visiting family and friends, restaurants or away on holidays. Plus, it has an adjustable safety belt with T-restraint to help hold your child securely, giving you peace of mind knowing that your toddler can enjoy their delicious meal safely and that only their food finds the floor! The feeding set includes a fork and spoon with easy to grasp handles making this set ideal for your toddler to self-feed. Product Features: Designed for little ones who can sit up unassisted and self-feed Promotes independence and self-feeding The booster seat is made of 100% polyester and PU foam The feeding set is made of 100% food-safe silicone Free from BPA, BPS, PVC, phthalate, cadmium and lead Age 12 months+

USB Baby Travel Bottle Warmer

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Keeping your baby happy and well-fed while on the go is so important, making this USB Baby Travel Bottle Warmer a must-have baby accessory. It comes equipped with a USB that will initiate the heat required. Wrap the flexible heating band around the bottle, secure the Velcro strip, and plug the cable into any USB port to begin the warming process. This bottle warmer heats quickly and evenly and can stretch to fit most baby feeding bottles. It's easy and safe to use. Plus, it's compact, portable and is designed to fit most feeding bottles. Keep in your car or nappy bag for easy access while on the go. Your little one will is sure to warm up to a lukewarm bottle anytime, anywhere.

Product Features:

Includes warmer sleeve and USB cable Keeps milk warm Ideal for on the go or travel Heats quickly and evenly Constant Temperature at approx. 42 °C Fits most baby feeding bottles Safe to use Input voltage: 100-240V AC: 50/60Hz Input current: 0.35A Output voltage: 5V Output current: 2A The cloth cover can be washed (remember to remove the heating sheet) Material: Crystal Velvet and Cotton Approx. product dimension: 29 x 14 cm Cable length approx: 62 cm/ 4.40 inch

Single Electric Breast Pump

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This Single Electric Breast Pump is compact and lightweight, making it easy to store and take with you on outings. Its unique design helps stimulate the secretion of breast milk allowing moms to maintain a comfortable and relaxed milking position. In addition, the milk flows quietly, gently and quickly directly into the bottle making it ready for your next feed. Made from environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odour-free materials making it healthy and safe to use. Product Features:  Includes 1x Breast Pump, 1x Milk Bottle Auto-mode: massage and suction 9 levels of suction USB power supply Nipple adapter Heat resistant Made of eco-friendly materials: Silicone and Polypyrene Easy to wash

Baby Burp Cloth

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Babies are messy and whether it's drool, spit-up or feeding time, makes these Baby Burp Cloths an essential feeding accessory. Perfectly sized to lay flat over your shoulder, these adorable burp cloths will create a barrier between you and your baby. They are absorbent, breathable and most importantly, comfortable against your babies delicate skin. Plus, we have a selection of gorgeous prints for you to flaunt while out and about.  

Reusable Wet Wipes Pouch

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Wet wipes are one of the most versatile personal hygiene products that will keep you and your baby clean throughout the day but can dry out quickly. This Reusable Blue Zigzag Wet Wipes Pouch will not only keep your wipes moist but will also add a touch of colour and fun to your baby style too. The flip-top opening makes reaching for wipes effortless for those quick clean-ups. It includes a strong nylon strap to attach to your diaper bag, stroller or handbag. The zipper seal will keep your wipes securely in the pouch. This pouch is lightweight and portable for easy and convenient use while on the go. Product Features: Ideal pouch for wet wipes, face wipes or makeup remover wipes Reusable and refillable Lightweight and portable Includes nylon loop to attach to a diaper bag, stroller and more Made from high-quality EVA, non-toxic, BPA free material

Baby Feeder

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Introduce your baby or toddler to yummy fruit or vegetable juice with this Baby Feeder. This feeder is a great tool to help with the transition from liquids to solids and provides them with the nutrients they need from healthy food. It also promotes healthy grasping, sucking, chewing, and swallowing. This product is ideal for toddlers who are picky eaters or are tactile sensitive to food. With a silicone perforated mesh, your baby can extract juice comfortably without the risk of swallowing and choking. Product Features: Can be sterilized Encourages baby to adapt to a variety of foods Fruits must be small and sliced separated from the seeds and stalks Made from BPA-Free material Age 6 months+

Silicone Nursing Bottle with Spoon

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You packed your baby's favourite lunch but you forgot the cutlery! This Silicone Nursing Bottle with Spoon will provide you with lunch and cutlery in one. It has an ergonomic design making it ideal to feed your baby while out and about, mess-free. Simply pour the baby food into the bottle, screw on the cap then squeeze the food onto the spoon. The sides of the clear bottle are marked so you know exactly how much you're feeding your baby. In addition, the soft spoon is made of food-grade silicone which helps soothe teething baby's and massage their gums. Product Features: Ideal for baby milk, formula, semi-solid foods, first pureed foods and cereals Made of 100% Food Grade Silicone BPA free, eco-friendly and non-toxic Lightweight Capacity 90ml Heat resistance -20° - 180° Not suitable for microwaving Age 4 months+

Baby Silicone Spoon & Fork Set

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Starting solids is one of the most exciting milestones during your baby’s first year, and at some point, they will want to start feeding themselves. This Baby Silicone Spoon & Fork Set is perfect to help little ones in self-feeding. Made from 100% food-safe silicone, this feeding set is bacteria-resistant, making it safe and hygienic as well as gentle on the gums. The round, textured handles are easy for little hands to grasp and includes sensory bumps to stimulate sensitive gums. Plus, it includes a protective lip that prevents your baby from putting the spoon or fork too far back in their mouth. This set has it all! Product Features: Promotes self-feeding Stimulates the gums Soft and durable Easy to grip 100% food-safe silicone Free from BPA, BPS, PVC, phthalate, cadmium and lead Easy to clean and dishwasher safe Ages 6 months+