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Liberty Hallway Gate – White (F867)

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Guarding your fur baby's sense of exploration!

Puppies love adventure and can sometimes get mischievous during this escapade. Introducing Dreambaby® Liberty Xtra-Wide Hallway Security Gate, an invaluable home-proofing item that creates a safe environment for your pooch. This gate has a Smart Stay-Open feature and is great to use in larger doorways and hallways sized 99-108cm. It includes optional extensions, they can fit openings up to 3.08m. Use at the top or bottom of stairways and hallways. Plus, the Xtra Wide gate allows for use in wider partitions such as large hallways and openings between rooms.

Product Features:

  • Prevent puppies and dogs from entering dangerous or unsupervised areas
  • Movable, temporary partition 
  • Gate stays open in both directions
  • Swings and adjusts for quick and easy pass-through with a simple one-handed operation
  • Pressure-mounted, which means fuss-free installation with no screws or drilling required 
  • Fits openings: 99-108 cm
  • Gate height: 76 cm
  • Extends up to 3.08m with optional gate extension

Stroller Hook (F224)

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The most helpful hook-up ever!

Free up your hands while on the move with this Stroller Hook. A heavy-duty handle that clips easily onto just about every stroller handle. The ideal accessory for mom and baby outings. Although lightweight and versatile, these hooks are built to last and will clutch the load, no questions asked. Attach shopping packets, nappy bags and handbags.

Product Features:

  • Strong and sturdy
  • Use easily with one hand
  • Ideal for shopping and nappy bags, and more

Corner Cushions – 4 Pack (F104)

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Protect your child from Sharp Corners!

Corner Cushions will protect your child from sharp corners! We as parents know how wild our kids can be, corner cushions help protect on-the-go children from nasty injuries from glass tables, shelves as well as other sharp corners anywhere around the home. This product is a must for your childproofing checklist! Essential safety for the whole family.

This product is strong yet soft. Made to fit easily onto most corners.

Product Features:

  • Great for shelves and fish tanks.
  • Adhesive backing makes them easy to install and remove.
  • Simply stick on to the corner to help cushion the blow and prevent accidents.

**Only available from your area agent or online!

Cabinet Sliding Lock (F103)

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Preventing them from gaining access to harmful substances within the home!

Cabinet Sliding Lock is a must for your home safety checklist and offers a fuss-free safety solution for any room in the home. This lock is the fastest and most secure way to lock cupboard and cabinet doors. Keeping small children safe from what’s inside. Suitable for D-Shaped handles and require no installation. Simply push down and slide the lock tight against the handles.

These cabinet sliding locks are easy to use and fit easily with various types of knobs and handles. They are adjustable and do not require screws or adhesive tape, they can be moved and fitted simply and quickly.

A particularly challenging lock for children, these ensure the safety of children in the home, preventing them from gaining access to the contents within your cabinets and cupboards.

Product Features:

  • Made from hard-wearing plastic.
  • Easy to move from one room to another if needed.
  • Keeps toxins and dangerous objects out of reach.

**Only available from your area agent or online!

Refrigerator Latch (F121)

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Providing safety, health and comfort in your home will keep your mind at ease

Refrigerator Latch helps prevent children from opening fridges or freezers. As parents, we know our children are curious creatures. With the latch, it will prevent children from opening and possibly climbing inside potentially dangerous fridges and freezers.

The refrigerator latch is an essential tool in-home safety and will not only help prevent household accidents but also stops food going to waste when the door is left open.

This product is a must for your childproofing checklist!

Product Features:

  • No screws, no fuss – simply place on the appliance above child’s reach.
  • Attach a small piece to the door and long section to the side.
  • Open fridge or freezer by gently lifting the long bar out to the side.
  • Keep children safe in the kitchen, the most dangerous room in the home.

**Only available from your area agent or online!


Appliance Latch (F105)

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Providing safety, health and comfort in your home will keep your mind at ease

Appliance Latch helps prevent nasty household accidents as well as burns. With heat-resistant adhesives, this latch is suitable for most appliances - ovens, microwave ovens, dishwashers, washing machines, clothes driers as well as fridges, freezers, cabinets and more. An essential product required for all homes! 

In short, help take the worry out of trying to remember if your little one is at risk of opening a hot oven or other potentially dangerous home appliance. Simple to install and use. Just pull tab to open, press to close.

Product Features:

  • Strong and durable construction
  • Easy to install
  • Fast and efficient swivel mechanism with easy rotation

**Only available from your area agent or online!