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WKF Childrens Chest Guard

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R959,00 Incl. VAT
The SMAI Karate Kids Chest Guard offers a superior level of protection due to the density of the padding. Constructed from thick, heavy duty EVA multi-layered foam this chest guard offers complete protection. With World Karate Federation approval, the guard features 4cm thick EVA foam padding. Although not compulsory for use in competition, the SMAI Kids Chest Guard is popular as it does not inhibit natural dynamic movement.

Chest Guard Inner

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The SMAI body protector has been manufactured for all Kumite and sports Karate purposes. Made to World Karate Federation specifications, the body protector can be used in all WKF events internationally. Chest guard is tested and approved to European Standard EN 13277-1, EN 13277-3 as a category II protector for maximum safety. Designed to be worn under the karate uniform and will not inhibit the natural range of motion of an athlete. All sizes are under 350g so minimal weight of any chest protector in the marketplace.

Chest Guard Female

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A smart choice for active women, this ladies garment will increase comfort and protection. The set includes a sports bra with hard plastic cups that can be inserted into pockets in the bra.

Chest Guard Reversible

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The SMAI Chest Guard is World Taekwondo Approved. Featuring EVA padding and a tie-up closure the design is reversible to be red or blue. Lightweight and reversible in colour design and manufactured to WTF sizing requirements meeting WTF and CE requirements. Lace up closure at the back of the chest guard with a high abdomen protection in order not to inhibit your kicking abilities.