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Head Guard Impact

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Head Guard Impact Ideal for children and adults when training and competing, the Wacoku Impact head guard provides the most durable and shock absorbent material to protect your head. Whilst keeping the head compact, the head guard also features a rounded contour around the eyes to prevent eye cuts, additional padding on the forehead for increased protection against frontal attacks and incredibly strong ear guards. A number of ventilated openings are placed around the head guard to keep the wearer cool and comfortable during combat. The adjustable Velcro strap under the chin allows for the most secure fit. Made from EVA.

Head Guard MMA

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MMA Head Guard This head guard from Shen Sports is specifically designed for the use in MMA. The back of the head guard features laces which can be tightened to ensure a snug fit. The head guard offers special foam padding for protection in those areas where needed the most without compromising mobility or vision.

Head Guard Dipped Foam

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Dipped Foam Head Guard Vinyl covered foam head guard offers protection for top, back, and sides of head. Ear protection allows for normal hearing. Fastens with elastic strap under chin that secures with hook and loop closure.

Head Guard-Open

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Open Head Guard Open face amateur head guard from SMAI. Made of artificial leather. Fastens with adjustable Velcro closure at the back and under chin. Extra thick padding on forehead. Available in red, blue and black.


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Head Guard With Face Mask Black Reduce the risk of a broken nose or a blue eye with this great head guard from Shen Sports. A plastic cage limits access to the face and helps absorb blows to the rest of the head during sparring. Head guard made of artificial leather. Hook and loop closure at the back assures a snug fit. Face cage removable.