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Monogamy Adult Couples Board Game

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Monogamy allows you to try new things together, to set aside time for one another and have fun while you're at it! It's so hard to put into words just how good Monogamy is and why it works so well - you really have to play the game to fully appreciate just how dynamic it is. A game of Monogamy, A Hot Affair With Your Partner is so much more than just a game; it's an exhilarating exchange on multiple levels, and one that you share with the most important person in your life.

Discover Your Lover Plus FREE 120 ml Wicked HEAT Aqua Lube

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Get your Erotic Game For Two plus FREE 120ml Wicked Aqua HEAT Warming Sensation Water Based Lube this Black Friday! Valid from 22 - 28 Nov 2021, while stocks last... This game is an absolute MUST HAVE for those who want to keep their sex life playful, intimate, fun and challenging.

Moodzz Discover Your Lover Classic Edition – An Erotic Game For Two

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R1145,00 Incl. VAT
Using questions and tasks, Moodzz Discover Your Lover takes partners on a sexual journey where enjoyment is essential! In a playful way barriers are broken and you will feel closer then ever before. This game is disarming, exciting, direct and daring, hilarious at times but never disrespectful. The game starts with affectionate, romantic tasks and moves up a level to heated intimacy - ending in passionate challenges and lots of action where nothing is a must but anything is possible.

Fifty Shades Of Grey Play Nice Role Play Dice

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Kickstart an evening of erotic discovery with this trio of kinky dice for couples! Inspired by the Fifty Shades trilogy, this seductive game of chance will lead you and your lover on a sensual journey of fun, fulfilment and many an erotic scenario.

Fifty Shades Of Grey Play Nice Date Night Card Game

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If there's anything we've learned from Fifty Shades it's that spontaneity is exciting. These cards are the perfect fun, romantic gift for your partner or a means to spice up your relationship when you feel like some inspo is lacking! Heat things up with 52 frisky date nights. Split between 'Staying In' and 'Going Out', these cards, used once a week, offer a whole year of excitement for two.

Decide whether your date is going to be at home or out, close your eyes and let the cards do the work..