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Zoet Pleasureshot Intimate Female Stimulation Serum

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Designed for women who take their pleasure seriously! The Pleasureshot is an exciting new natural serum that stimulates sexual appetite and enhances sensation while providing. It contains one of the most potent aphrodisiacs, Mucuna Pruriens, so ramp up your sexual desire and enjoy more intense, longer last long lasting glide and delicious orgasms. Each box contains 10 x single use applications, all of which are hygienically packaged.

Pjur Superhero Performance Spray 20ml

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Pjur superhero performance spray is the ultimate delay spray developed specially for men who want more. The well-balanced ingredients provide maximum staying power, enhancing male sexual performance. The use of lauromacrogol aims to reduce hypersensitivity which helps prevent premature ejaculation. This product is lidocaine and benzocaine free and is compatible with latex condoms. 2 to 4 sprays per application is sufficient.

Kalahari-Horing Male Erection Booster Capsules

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Need a boost? Kalahari-Horing helps you maintain a stronger and longer lasting erection and an overall boost in sex drive. 2 capsules get to work in 40 minutes and last up to 72hours for that extra mileage you've been looking for. 100% natural, Kalahari-Horing is said to be one of the safest products in South Africa and is manufactured in accordance to the strict guidelines of the Medicines Control Council. It has also recently gained approval by the US FDA. High quality private laboratories are used in South Africa to manufacture the product and keep an accurate record of the ingredients to ensure utmost safety and quality.

NuForia Cannabis Infused Intimate Clitoral Serum

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This tingling intimate serum will ramp up your bedroom sessions with only a single drop! Applied to the clitoris or glans leaves an intense tingling effect very similar to the feeling of a vibrator start.